tim tôi Việt Nam

When I create a documentary film as a director, I see myself as a music conductor. The crews are the musicians, like the whole orchestra. The characters of my film are the music notes. Those notes have different pitches, octaves…

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In music, a note is a small bit of sound, similar to a syllable in speaking a language, and similar to different life stories and characters…

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My primary role is to harmonise the artists to use the right notes.

After shooting and during the editing, the most important task is to bring the right rhythm and tempo…

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My Heart, My Identity

What is your identity when you escaped from your country and be labelled as a refugee?

The developed countries “categorise” your existence in different levels;

Asylum seeker



Political Refugee

Economica Refugee

Integrated Immigrant

Non-Integrated Immigrant

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The only way you have, is, live with your heart without a clear Identity.

The Hearts Without Boarders is a play with Refugees around the world…

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“LOVE”! A mysterious word to threaten, to make war, to hate, to kill, to upset…

“LOVE”! An understanding, a feeling, an affection…


Do you understand/feel this word as Global Word?

All cultures around the world understand what is “LOVE”?